segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2016

Microsoft is Offering Office 365 FREE + 4 Years

Microsoft is offering Office 365 package with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others simply for free for a year.


Onedrive users can have online access by the browser, all of these programs for a year without paying anything.


💽 + 1TB of storage in onedrive;
☎60 monthly minutes for local calls to landlines in Skype.


The user has at least 5GB of files saved in onedrive and NEVER has been subscriber Office 365 earlier.

Simply access your account on onedrive, click on the settings icon (a gear in the upper right corner) and then click "Update."

In the new window, just select the equivalent option "Free for a year", fill in your details and complete the purchase.

Microsoft requires the registration of a credit card, but the charge will be made only after the free period of one year and a possible update for a second year of use. If you will not be charged, simply cancel your subscription before the end of the plan or disable auto-renewal in your account settings.

How to extend for 4 years ?!

If you are student or teacher and have an educational email (.edu for example), uses this email and the Microsoft extends longer time as education incentive!♡
Page of the Office 365

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